Masoud Goudarzi

Education: graduate of the University of Communication industries

Professional Experience: Activities in the field of import, installation, and commissioning of offset, flexo, and rotogravure printing machines since of 1985,
Naghshineh Negar flexo printing company establisher in 1995 and Founded Iran digital printing and engraving services the first cylinder engraving co in Iran with digital method in 1997.

Academic records: The jury of the printing festival for 6 consecutive years since 1383,
Print technology master at Tehran University of Art, in the field of flexo and rotogravure printing since 1385.
A faculty member of the first and second National Conference on Quality Management in the printing.


Hesamaldin Goudarzi

Education: BS in Industrial Management

Professional Experience: CEO of Iran digital engraving



Iran Digital Engraving

Iran Digital engraving nearly 30 years of experience in consulting and import of printing machinery and machines-related to the printing industry, installation and commissioning of a large number of printing, laminating, slitting machines, dicuting and … in Iran that is now working in various publishing houses.



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Making Order & Making


An initial order based on a basic plan considering the separation of colors performance in print is to be placed by the client. According to this order, a digital engraving design is fulfilled & along with a suggested size for the cylinder will be sent back to the client to receive his approval. Making A LINER After determination of the final size for the cylinder to be revealed, the process of building the ferrous body of the cylinder starts which is one of the most important parts of cylinder building due to the elegancy and the precision needed to be applied. Iran Digital Engraving takes care of this part delicately by utilizing the best and most accurate lathe machines under the supervision of the most skilled technicians. Grinding is also balanced to achieve full efficiency in the printing devices.Then the manufactured cylinders will be taken for copper plating of the bare.


Another important pillar in building cylinder is copper plating which has a direct effect on engrave quality of the print. Unlike the rated acid method, copper electroplating of cylinder under the engraving method, apart of the copper appearance, highly consider the inner & molecular structure of the copper as well as the copper surface hardness. So, if one of these two elements, copper surface element or the cylinder structure complaint the submitted standards, the plated cylinder can not be engraved and as a result the plating process must be run again.


In order to engrave desirable cell & in the meantime prevent transfer of any unwanted waste & ban the effect of the smallest composites call “field” cells on the wrapping, cylinders must be plated with some kind of polishing stones with the masai arrangement of 400-800-1000-3000, to get a very smooth surface with an accuracy up to 0.01 mm for measuring the diameter.


The most important part, or somehow the pulsar heart of this system is engraving.In this part, after finalizing the cell depth and angle for an optimal print considering the print type, the desired design as well as the cell layout is finalized and made ready for engraving on the cylinder. Considering an arbitrary depth, a diamond bit with a suitable angle for engraving is chosen & placed on the head of the selected device. Then, the related operator tests a cylinder edge to earn the cell size. In other word the operator calibrate the device for cylinder.Now the cylinder is ready for engraving. Iran Digital Engraving uses two Ohio engraving machines which is capable of making desirable cells with the characteristic of 200 lines per cm (500dpi) with any suitable angle on any cylinder which carries the following specifications: Diameter:500cm Depth :up to 60 microns This product competes with the best foreign made cylinders.


The next step after engraving is hard chrome plating. The surface quality of the chrome Plays an effective role in the quality of the print fragment. In the meantime, the chrome surface hardness guarantees the long useful life of the cylinder. Iran Digital Engraving proudly confirms the provision of the best quality of chrome hardness and its final polishing.The cylinders provided has a much more useful life rather than any other similar cylinders.

Machinery Import

Iran Digital engraving nearly 30 years of experience in consulting and import of printing machinery and machines-related to printing industry, installation and commissioning of a large number of printing, laminating, slitting machine, dicuting and … in Iran that are now working in various publishing houses.


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